operational security

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Methodology direct link to this section

  1. world building - history, background, evidence to support the persona, setting up a layered defense adds more security
    sub aliases are great but be careful not to contaminate data
  2. don't share operational details, your friends will betray you
  3. be paranoid, this doesn't work retroactively
  4. move onto new personas after enough activity is generated
  5. Personal information can and will be used to profile you

cryptonyms aliases
contamination occurs when two separate personas come in contact with one another

Technology direct link to this section

It is critical to connect to the network through TOR before a VPN, otherwise the VPN will identify the end node linked to the user.

Case Studies direct link to this section

Is your VPN provider willing to go to jail for you?

Lulzsec direct link to this section

Sabu snitched. Very obvious fed tactics such as offering up cash for information on other members. Virus was never doxed or busted.

w0rmer direct link to this section

Uploaded his girlfriends breasts on a defaced website, containing geolocation EXIF data.