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I am a freelance researcher based in Los Angeles, California. The majority of my work entails monitoring human rights violations and digital surveillance in relation to hostile governments, but I take on full-stack projects from time to time. I'm most passionate about cybersecurity, especially desktop systems security, and cryptography.

I hold heavy opinions about software and unsustainable design practices. My interest began the summer before my first semester of college, so open source communities have been integral to my education in ways that can't compare to the one I actually paid for. This website also happens to be powered by free software and is available for use or modification.

I have a wide range of hobbies and interests that probably allign with other technologically gifted people. Can you decipher the code blocks?

Version: 3.1
GCS/MU d--- s+:- a-- c+++>$ UL++++ P+ L+++ E-- W+++ N? o? K w--- O? M--
V? PS+++ PE-- Y++ PGP+ t 5? X+++ !R tv+++ b+ DI D G++ e++ h-- r++ x+
GoCS6 TGSe cDBRw7 PMoNaSc M1p5w ZGonExtClMez C9o a24- b22X H165 g6! w7! r8E h5 s3 k5 RN SrNn N0104 LusCA

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My unredacted CV is available upon request. I also have Signal Messenger, but you need to ask nicely before I'll add you. My fingerprint and public key are attached below for your convenience.
lzrddev@riseup.net F9C3 C15C C11D F10F 8E6B 9A9F 6158 7921 468E D4D3 download link for public key

curl -sf https://lzrd.dev/assets/0x468ED4D3.asc | gpg --import