IRC for zoomers

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Created in 1988 and uses an open protocol, anyone can host their own irc server so it is decentralized.

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A client is defined as anything connecting to a server [1] and every client is distinguished with a unique nickname that is a maximum of 9 characters. Servers collect the name of the client's host and the username of the client as well as the server connected.[2]

Channels are created when the first client joins and are deleted once the last client leaves. The user that created the channel becomes a operator. Channel names are strings begining with either & or #. Distributed Channels are known to all servers connected to the network, channels beginning with & typically exist locally only.

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IRC webclients can work but it's best to download a dedicated IRC client for the best possible experience.

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/links list servers on current network

/join #mychannel create and join a IRC channel if it doesn't already exist

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